Benefits Of The Course

  • Evergreen

    An evergreen course continuously provides content every time something new is discovered. You'll get free content uploaded to the course when we discover a new way to promote Cloudphone!

  • Trackable

    Keep up-to-date with the chapters you complete in the course. No more wondering where you left off (like a video game), we'll show you where you left off so you can continue right on track.

  • Simple

    We keep our videos nice and short for everyone to understand. We hate long and unnecessary videos, so you'll love how simple our content is!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Welcome
    • What is CloudPhone?
    • Compensation Plan Overview?
    • Links
    • Questions + Discussions
  • 2
    • Set up your free website
    • Become an Affiliate
    • Back Office Overview
    • How to create your own affiliate link
    • What To Do vs What NOT To Do
    • Marketing Ideas
    • Text Messaging Script
    • Script
    • How To Get Free Exposure From CloudPhone
    • Testimonial Example
    • My Email
    • Questions + Discussions
  • 3
    • Sharing my course
    • Links

A Proven Strategy

I've spent over 4 years as an affiliate marketer learning the in's and outs of social media marketing. You'll be able to cut your learning curve in half by the time you're done with this course

  • How to promote the CloudPhone service in an honest and ethical manner, and have virtually zero rejection from your prospects

  • How to have people coming to YOU to buy the service, without chasing friends and family all day

  • The ability to share this course with any affiliates you refer to CloudPhone, so they can get started on the right track